Jeff is pleased to announce the release of his debut solo album Night Life on 9th October 2017. This album is the culmination of 10 months work in his studio. The digital version of the album is being released for FREE through a unique interactive experience. For more information and to sign up visit

Jeff is currently working on his first solo album. The working title is “All In” reflecting the big gamble he feels he’s taking in releasing a solo album at this stage in his music career. The album is being recorded and mixed in his home studio, so represents a massive undertaking. It is expected to be released in late summer of 2017.

Jeff is currently performing live around his local area as part of a cover duo called “Shades of Grey”. He teamed up with local guitarist Tom Brisbane after answering an ad that Tom placed on an online band member hookup page. The duo perform a wide range of well known rock and pop songs from the seventies onwards. To date they have been mostly performing at private house gigs.