“One of the best undiscovered talents from the 1980’s music scene”

Let me make you smile, want to dance, drive with the roof down, or simply flashback to happy times with my 80’s vibe synth pop music.

Jeff McCall is an English singer/songwriter/producer creating a retro electronic pop sound that could have been written alongside the synthesizer bands of the 1980’s. This new music has shades of more modern influences, but will still remind you of that epic and resurgent period of musical creativity. Get ready for your 80’s flashback dance party!

Take a listen to Jeff’s latest single on Spotify:

Here’s what people have been saying about Jeff’s music on social media:

“Very strong 80s influences of course and while your voice reminds me of Martin Fry, the music comes across as a mix of Erasure, Human League and others too and that’s a GOOD thing in my book! :)”

“Wow, Jeff first seconds were already catching me! GREAT!!! makes me wanna jump and dance into the night!”

“Your music is amazing!”

“Jeff with all the respect in the world, the truth is your music is great, and I really liked it really you are a good composer seriously.”

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