Thoughts & Crosses [Album] – Digital Download


Noughts and Crosses (aka Tic-Tac-Toe) is a pointless game! If both players understand the rules then neither player can win. Ideas, concepts, opinions or simple ‘thoughts’ can also seem pointless at times. Like home-made protest placards carried high on sticks hoping to influence someone, anyone, but mostly going unseen and unheard. These are the ‘crosses’ we have to bear. A conundrum! And then there are songs…

Buy Jeff’s infectious new album Thoughts & Crosses as a digital download [MP3]s.

Track Listing:

  1. We Learn
  2. Metal Man
  3. On My Mind
  4. I Wonder
  5. Hold On To Love
  6. State Of Mind
  7. Maze
  8. Boys Don’t Cry
  9. After The Peace
  10. Just An Illusion

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